•  Secure and professional mounting of flat panel televisions
•  Concealment of wires, and setup of components including, cable boxes, DVD/Blu-Ray players, game systems and AV receivers.


•  Home Theater and 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound systems installation
•  In-wall speaker installation
•  Design and Install Multi-Room Audio Systems that can be controlled via Smart Phone/Tablet (Sonos, Bose, Denon)
•  Retrofit existing audio systems to support wireless streaming services. (Pandora, Spotify, Sirus, ETC)
•  Universal remote setup with Lighting Control Integration (control your lights with your remote control)


•  Installation of Wireless Access points to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots and increase overall network speed and reliability
•  System restores and Spy-ware, Malware and virus removal and recovery
•  Router installation, password encryption and network setup
•  File and media sharing capabilities
•  Wired, wireless, and network printer setup

•  Complete installation of network, cable and telephone wire
Technology is constantly evolving.  And as a consumer, you need to be assured that your wiring infrastructure will stand the test of time while remaining open to future expansion.  This is especially true when building a new home, or adding an extension to your existing home.  The savings in cost can be 90% compared to not considering your infrastructure until after the structure is complete.  In today's world of electronics, considering future technologies into your current plans provides a solid foundation and inviting asset for the future capabilities.

At HomeTronics, we take pride in our commitment to servicing your audio/video, computer and consumer electronics needs.  No project is too small.  Even if you are simply interested in a straight-forward television installation, we employ the same level of professionalism, and take the same amount of care and concern for your project as we do for our large-scale installations.

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